Hello reader and welcome to the Doctor Frikistein’s consultation.

If you’re here I guess it’s because you want to know who I am and what my Doctor Frikistein blog is about. Or you’ve just had an unstoppable urge to snoop … it’s normal because, whether you know it or not, you’re a geek too.

By the way: frikistein is pronounced FRI – KIS – TEIN

It’s time to introduce myself and let you know a little more about me:


My name is David Santas and I was born in 1977. I live in a town near Barcelona surrounded by mountains and a short time from the beach.

I am currently the father of two little geeks: an older boy and a younger girl.

I love to enjoy nature and share my hobbies with my children. At the same time they teach me new hobbies.

I am accountant advisor, property manager, personal trainer, nutritionist, yoga and karate instructor, member of the Ludo board game creators association, game editor at Sigil of Dreams and I am also:


I also write many personal details about me in my How I did a geek manual. You can get it for free! signing up to my web.



Since I realized that I was a geek I had the need, not only to practice my hobbies, but also to share them.

I learned a lot wordpress in the web creation of Sigil of Dreams. I met many people dedicated to writing about alternative leisure too; They inspired me a lot. Like them I want to pass on my geek “wisdom” but using my personal touch.

But Sigil of Dreams has a child and educational perspective and I needed a large space for my more geek ideas and adult content. That’s why I created this blog.

After almost a year I began to be interested in manufacturing different accessories for games and that is why now the web has also become an online store.

As there are many hobbies that I practice, I have divided the blog into several sections.



Among my geek friends it is very usual to disguise in Halloween. My brother Jonathan, who is a real doctor, once disguised himself as Doctor Victor Frankenstein. How he has always told me that I am a geek that day we joked that he had finally realized that he was also a geek and therefore he was really disguised as Doctor Frikistein.

When I told him about creating the blog, we agreed that Doctor Frikistein was the best name that could be given to it.

For the creation of the blog I based the appearance in the comedy movie of Young Frankenstein of 1974. It is a film that I consider the movie very geek and I am very fan of it. The movie is also a parodie of the Frankenstein film of 1931.



You know that the answer is yes.  The fact is that if you’ve read this far is a good proof of this. But don’t worry, you are in the best possible place. We all have a geek inside us, so listen to it and let it go, because freakism is the best antidote for boredom.

If you want to share your geek thoughts with me, you have any doubt, suggestions or just want to say hello, you can find me in my social media profile or in my contact email.

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