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“They entered into the room quickly. It was a wide and rectangular room where they accessed by a side located at one end of the room.

Ekendor stood in the middle ready for combat. In his right hand he wielded Magekiller while in his left hand he held a long dagger of Elvish craftsmanship.

Jarester followed him a little farther behind the door, holding his stick with two hands like a spear, ready to unleash his magic.

Asha entered the last one quickly to be on the other flank of Ekendor with an arrow ready in her bow. Her giant spider advanced at the same time through the roof to descend to her side.

On the other side of the room was a decrepit old man in an old tunic and cloak filled with embroidery of arcane letters and cadaverous symbols. Around him floated strange black stone orbs, emitting a faint funeral light. In his right hand he held a ritual dagger with a dark edge, while in his other hand he took a long stick of twisted wood from which hung skulls and bones.

Among them, in the middle of the room were two skeletons dressed in armor, shields and swords. Surely corpses of old knights who had been animated. They immediately faced them with a dark aura and a dim light inside the their eyes sockets.

Princess Mariel was handcuffed at the old man’s feet, practically naked. After recovering from the surprise, she shouted help while struggling against her bonds.

– Help! Help me I beg you! Beware of the orbs, protect them from attacks! She added

The old magician stood for a moment studying the princess and then slowly turned to face them. His terrifying appearance was accentuated by showing a face that was almost like a dead. He watched the trio of adventurers with eyes that were an almost brilliant blue that stood out in the darkness. He pointed his staff toward them and began to utter some arcane words in a deep voice.

Without further delay, Ekendor gave the orders to his companions and charged.”



This is just a fragment of the story that I wrote personally under the name of Magekiller.

Magekiller tells the story of Ekendor, a demon killer who is a bearer of a magic sword with the name of Magekiller. Ekendor goes to the kingdom of Vordis called by the King to solve a mysterious crime, but eventually discover a much greater dark threat that could kill the entire kingdom.

You can read full story here:


Note: I translated from spanish to english. I tried my best, but I am spanish speaker. So if you think any word or expression is more accurate in english your help will be welcome.

You can also watch the video on my YouTube channel. It is in spanish tought. But if you want help me to transalte only say to me.



Put yourself in the role of Ekendor as if he were your character. Evaluate the different options and decide how to act!



  • Ekendor: Attack skeleton.
  • Asha: Attack the other skeleton.
  • Jarester: Counterspell any spell cast by the necromancer.


Magekiller Option A



  • Jarestar: Attack the enemy area casting a fireball spell.
  • Asha: Attack any skeleton survivor. If not she attack the necromancer.
  • Ekendor: Attack any skeleton survivor. If not she attack the necromancer.


Magekiller Option B



  • Ekendor: Move throught seketons using his movility power.
  • Jarestar: Cast Dispel Magic spell to neutralize the necromancer’s protecting orbs.
  • Asha: Shoot skeleton. Pet attacks the other skeleton.


Magekiller Option C



  • Ekendor: Attacks a skeleton.
  • Asha: Shoots necromancer. Pet “Legs” attack the other skeleton.
  • Jarestar: Cast Dispel Magic spell to neutralize the necromancer’s protecting orbs.


Magekiller Option D



I used my Dungeon Grid Game Mat to show the 4 options that I thought can tacticaly works. 

But the evaluation is open. If you thing there are a better option, just say to me in comments.



These are the sheets of the character who intervene in this part of the story. It is a simplified sheet where you will see the basic characteristics, traits, abilities and powers of each character.

The character sheets could help you to evaluate the different options and to know a little more of each character.



I will write the continuation of the story based on the most voted option.

I am going to take into account all the opinions expressed in this web and in the different social networks.

I encourage you to participate and share!

– David Santas



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