Hi Frikisteins, Christmas comes and the end of the year is near. This is our last post of this year and we want to take the opportunity to: make a short summary of the year, comment new ideas we have for 2020, and of course wish you happy holydays.


2019 has been a year of many advances for Doctor Frikistein:


The fact of being able to sell our own products allows us to buy games to review. In other words, no editorial sponsors our reviews. And this decision is very important because it does not condition us and we can speak freely to give our sincere opinion.

Our first review of 2020 will be for Frankenstein’s game. Perfect right?


It also allows us to reinvest in products that are working to continue manufacturing them and also to investigate new accessories for games for selling.


These are some ideas that we want to develop during 2020.

  • Galaxy mat.
  • Multipurpose rpg DM screen.
  • Dungeon cration dices.
  • New smaller bags for rpg and board games.

In addition we will continue to ask in our social networks what games you prefer to be reviewed, more free downloadable content, and possibly we also do raffles. Follow us to be tuned.


As you can see, we are still “losing sanity” and this is because we are having a very good reception both in visits to our blog, and in sales of our products. That encourages us to work in this line and continue prescribing games and freakism to many more people. So from the city of R’lyeh we thank you for your support and say goodbye until next year wishing you on behalf of the entire Doctor Frikistein team:

¡Merry Christmas and Happy New 2020!

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