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I have had the opportunity to test this new “medicine” against boredom under the name of Portal. It is a board game that is still in the experimental phase but it looks very good. I tell you more:



Portal is an abstract game where players will have to use the portals to gather their objectives.

The portals and objectives change each game and are differentiated by colored cubes.

You win the game If you manage to collect your cubes before the opponents.


Fact Sheet:

Publisher: Waiting for editor.

Author: Jesús Guillén

Art: Ana Marco

Time: 10-15 min (personal valuation)

Age: 8+ (personal valuation)

Players: 2-4 

Type: Filler, Tiles, Memory



The game is in the prototype phase, but I liked its appearance and it looks quite finished. Because of the quality of the components and the care of the design, you might think that it is a game already published.

The words and the protal drawing main art are pastel colours. They stand out against the black background of the box and tiles.

Other components are pawns and objective cubes, all of them also of striking colors.

Although the game is abstract, the theme reminded me Star Gate saga, where the characters have to cross portals that transport them to different worlds to fulfill their missions.



16 tiles are faced down in 4×4 position on the play area.

Players place their pawns on each of the exit corners. During their turn they can move the pawn to an adjacent tile.

The tile has on its face a pattern that indicates the destination tile to which the player will be transported. They also indicate which reward cube offer. Once the tile is used, it is placed face down.

In this way each player will have to memorize the patterns to reach the target tiles needed to get all the objetive cubes and win the game.

Also if you place yourself on another player’s tile then you can remove one of their cubes. What increases the tactical possibilities and adds an element of direct confrontation.



? The game won the first edition of board game prototypes contest held at Las Jornadas Lúdicas El Duende de Murcia in March 2018.

? The game was among the 25 finalists of the Verkami Protogames contest held at DAU Barcelona in November 2018.

? Jesús Guillén, who is very joker, imitates in the photo a famous TV  characer called Monaguillo who appears in 2d6 Magazine. He is also the author of the game Rey Paparajote.

? There is a video game for PC / PS and Xbox of Electronic Arts also called Portal that has a similar theme.

? This game is looking for publisher. If you are an editor and you are interested in this game then you can contact him here:

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