Español We have reached 300 Likes on Facebook! To celebrate I have prepared this raffle: Win a Funko Pop. The Funko Pop are one of the most geek collection items, so what better than to draw one for all Frikistein geeks?   GENERAL RULES: The raffle will be active until 23:59 hours on February 19, 2019 Only one participant from each social network will be chosen: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter […]

Movies all geeks must to watch


  Español   Movies are one of the most easily accessible sources of freakism. Even if you do not like cinema, I’m sure you’ll be struck by a movie that you watch on television. How is a widespread hobby you can almost always start a conversation topic about movies. In my manual on how I made a freak, I explain how to use cinema as the beginning of the geek […]


  Español INTRODUCTION Here I bring you the story by comic format of my colleague Doctor Freak, who came to my office because he felt dull. The tests showed that he was suffering from extreme boredom, so I prescribed a concentrated freakism potion. Because he drank all the potion all at once he suffered a radical geek transformation and had a personality split: His inner geek personality woke up as […]