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The Sprawl

The Sprawl is a role-playing game set in a cyberpunk world.

It was created by Hamish Cameron and published in English thanks to the help of a great successful crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter in 2014.

In The Sprawl players will have to play characters who are tough professionals who live outside the law and rent their services to megacorporations to perform all kinds of missions.

The player classes are: Agitator, Assassin, Hunter, Achiever, Hacker, Infiltrator, Journalist, Soldier and Technician.


Powered by Apocalypse World

One of the main features of The Srprawl is that it is based on the system of Powered by Apocalypse World by Vincent Baker.

The games promoted by Apocalypse focus on solving what the characters do with a series of Moves or Actions. The characters have access to a predetermined selection of moves according to the class and configuration of the prepared game.

This innovative system, focused on the interpretation of the characters, was the winner of the Indie RPG Awards 2010 for the most innovative rpg system.


Spanish edition by Yipi Ka Yei

The Spanish version of The Sprawl comes from the hand of Yipi Ka Yei through a crowdfunding campaign on Verkami‘s platform.

The campaign is already funded! but will be active until February 24, 2019.

You have several options to sponsor this project, among which include doing the Midday edition and Midnight edition … or both of them!



What is drivethrurpg?

It is a platform that is becoming increasingly successful where you can find many manuals in digital version.

You can also have the manual printed in physical format.

As the production costs are reduced to a greater number of printed copies, the printed version in Drivethurpg is in principle more expensive than if you acquired the manual of a direct edition on paper.

Pros: allows you to reach many manuals and systems that you may never see in stores.

Cons: If you are one of those who like the physical book, then you will have to pay a small additional bonus (3-4 euros approx).


My recomendation

The fact is that Yipi Ka Yei has funded several rpg projects through Verkami; and this is an additional guarantee.

The price for a digital version is compensated by the great graphic work that is being done with this edition.

The genre Cyberpunk is one of my favorites and it is not easy to find settings that come close to my preferred reference of Blade Runner, however The Sprawl seems to be close enough.

The Sprawl offers an action game but in a world of intrigues among corporations, which promises an opportunity to create complex stories and develop the characters in depth.

We are going to play a hard role-playing game for hard players, which is why he has won my support and recommendation.

Check out the Verkami project page to learn more details.


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