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The Rats in the Walls is a cosmic horror RPG created by Kobayashi based on the myths of Cthulhu but with his own reinterpretations of the H.P. Lovecraft world, will be published by spanish editorial The Hills Press

Rats in the walls has an agile game system based on 2d6. Where a roll of 8+ will mean a successful roll, although it gives freedom to several modifiers and interpretations of the consequences of the roll by the Game Master. 

The character sheets flee from be complicated: the values are attributes, profession, reputation and equipment

Like other games based on Lovecraft‘s world, Sanity will be present in Rats in the walls too. The Sanity value represents the character’s ability to face threats from beyond. However, in this system, sanity can lead to three consequences:

  • Do something stupid for 1 turn (transient madness)
  • Losing consciousness for 1d6 turns
  • Act normally in exchange for a “scar” that will mark the character.


Losing sanity points or accumulate too many “scars” can lead the character to become an NPC.

Magic will be present in the game Rats in the walls because it will easy to use. Whenever the character gets a spell, he can use it if he opens his mind to “creeping chaos”. In return the character can lose sanity and there is always a bad consequence if you use magic.

The game Rats on the walls is accompanied by an adventure of Codex Creative Group with the title of The Yellow Sign.

The Yellow Sing, an adventure created by Códice Grupo Creativo will accompain Rats in the walls game.

A role-playing game with a game manual ready to read and play! which has already been financed in a succesful Verkami crwodfunding campaign, and which will be followed by more modules in the future.

You can find more information about the spanish version of Rats in the wall campaign on

You will lose 100% of sanity if you wait longer to have it in your hands!

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