Hello reader and welcome to the Doctor Frikistein‘s consultation.

If you’re here I guess it’s because you like games and/or geek content and you want to know more what Doctor Frikistein web is about. Or you’ve just had an unstoppable urge to snoop … it’s normal because, whether you know it or not, you’re a geek too…and that is cool!

Led by David Santas, the Docto Frikistein’s team will “prescribe” the best board games, role playing games and other alternative geek entertainment content.


The Doctor Frikistein website is divided into 2 main sections:

In the Blog you can read about our “diagnoses” about geek topics, with content focused primarily on games.

In the Shop you can find our own game products and games accessories manufactured by our own brand Doctor Frikistein ®


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If you want to share your geek thoughts with us, you have any doubt, suggestions or just want to say hello, you can find us in social media profiles or in our contact email.

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