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The Predator (Depredador in spanish) is an alien humanoid specie that travels from planet to planet hunting preys of other species, and of course, including humans. They call themselves Yautja and are not mere galactic killers; They have a developed culture, they are technologically advanced and have their own hierarchies and laws.


The Predator is known by the movie with its same name Predator (1987). Then follows Predator 2 (1990), Predators (2010) and The Predator (2018) recently released. I will write a little synopsis but I will not spoil too much in case someone is still to see these movies.

Saga Depredador


A group of men of the special forces commanded by Dutch (Arnold Schwarzenegger) is sent on a mission to the jungle of Guatemala. There they meet guerrillas and another group of wildly mutilated Green Berets. The Predator will hunt one by one al the members of the special forces, and only Dutch will manage to face him.

For me the best of all the movies of the Predator Saga because it really makes you feel like a Predator prey who is not revealed until the end. The fight between Dutch and the Yautja is an example of how a hunter can become a prey. Curious to say that Rick Hawkins, the radio technician of the squadron, is played by Shane Black, who in addition to collaborating in the script of Predator he will also be the director of this latest movie of The Predator.

PREDATOR 2 (1990)

10 years after the events in Guatemala, a Predator appears in a new urban “jungle”: the city of Los Angeles. In the middle of a war between the police and drug gangs, a bloody massacre takes place. The members of one side and another are hunted by this Predator. It will be Detective Mike Harrigan (Danny Glover) who discovers the Yautja and confronts him face to face.

In my opinion this is one of those sequels that are not worse than the original. The action unfolds in another environment very different from Predator 1, it shows a more “sensitive” predator that shares protagonism with the human hero. But above all it is enriching because it reveals that the yautja have visited the earth on several occasions of their history and that they have their own traditions.


On this occasion it is not the Predator who travels to Earth, but several “chosen” humans are brought to a planet that is the of Yautja clan “hunting ground”. The “tough guy” of this occasion will be Royce (Adrien Brody) who has the advantage that he will know a little about the yautja, but he will have to be careful with his own “companions”.

This film is more predictable than the previous ones but it has a great cast and leaves us a lot of additional information about the Predators, for example the rivalry between the Yautja themselves and also that they use “dogs” of prey. Also on the movie there is not one, but several different predators. It’s not my favorite movies but I admit that it leaves me wanting for more.


Directed by Shane Black, who participated as an actor in the original 1987 movie, the movie has several differences with its predecessors.

First of all, many revelations are made: hunting is no longer just a sport, it has a specific goal. An Evolved Predator appears, much more beast than we have seen so far. We can also see the Yautja‘s advanced technology and how their spacecrafts work, how works their camouflage system works and their mask-visor.

Also In second place the subtleties are over: the humans already know a lot about the Predator, they are prepared and they have lost their fear. The “heroes” of the film know that they are there to die so better to do it heroically and with a joke for posterity. And the Predator knows it so it does not worry about keeping it secret. Finally we have an open conflict between the Yautja and their interests for the Earth.

Finally my opinion is that the Predator a fresh movie that does not try to imitate the previous ones. The director knows that the Predator itself is not surprising but shows us much more of it to maintain interest. The only thing I regret is losing the “mysticism” of the hunt to enter into a much warlike conflict.


In 1989, a comic from Dark Horse editorial appeared that confronts the Alien against the Predator, two of the most dangerous alien creatures rescued from the movies Alien (1979) and Predator (1987). The comic is so successful among fans that in 1994 the first arcade video game was created. From here emerges an expansive world that originates new comics and video games. Personally I enjoyed the experience embodying a lethal Predator playing the PC game. Finally the idea was also taken to the cinema by 20th Century Fox.


Ruins under the ice of an ancient alien civilization are discovered in Antarctica. An expedition sponsored by the company Wayland is sent to investigate only to discover that what looks like a temple is truly a breeding ground for aliens that serve to train predators.

The film reveals that the Yautja were the ones who taught the basics of civilization to humans … though not for free.


Following the story of the previous movie, the Predator spacecraft crashes and in the accident the aliens escape, unleashing chaos among the inhabitants of a small city. But “there’s no need to worry” because a Predator is sent to “clean up” the disaster.

In this film a Predalien is shown, that is, an alien that emerges from a Yautja body. In addition, the Predator is full of very interesting new weapons.


Alien vs Depredador juego de mesaThere is also a fantastically decorated Alien vs. Predator board game. It is a dungeon crawler full of miniatures where you will have to adopt the role of one of the three sides: marines, aliens or predators. It also has a cooperative version where humans and predators join against their common enemy: the aliens. A must for anyone who is fan of the saga and also like board games.


The Yautja are humanoids but they have clearly different biology. These aliens are superior in size and physical strength to humans. They have endurance that allows them to survive in extreme climates. They have spacecraft that allow them to travel through the galaxy (and who knows if through time too), technology and very advanced weapons. In addition, their camouflage technology makes them practically undetectable.


Biología Depredador

The Yautja have a corpulent constitution, they are muscular and they measure between 2.20 and 2.40 meters high. They weigh between 140 kg (308 lb) and 190 kg (418 lb) but are so strong that they allow them to jump long distances and lift a man with one hand. Their bodies are resistant to physical punishment and can withstand extreme temperatures. They also seem to be largely resistant to acid, so they can deal with the aliens without being too afraid of their dangerous acid blood.

Its skin varies between greenish, yellowish, brown or gray. They have affiliated claws. His hands have five fingers and his feet four. His skull is larger and with a bone reinforcement. They have small green, red or yellow eyes. They have indentations instead of noses and a mouth with huge four insect-like mobile “x” shaped jaws. They have long, thick hair in the shape of dreadlocks. Their blood is phosphorescent green and more dense, characteristic that allows them to ignore superficial wounds and take longer to bleed.

They have a sharp hearing sense like any good hunter. Their vision is very different since they can only see the infrared and ultraviolet spectrum. Although that gives them great advantage in many situations, in others it can confuse them. Luckily their mask-viewers allow them to filter the images and sharpen their vision. They emit gurgling and creepy chirps that are incomprehensible to humans, but have a spoken language. They also laugh!

Not much is known about their sexology but according to the comics there is a difference between males and females. The females have slight feminine characteristics, although the rest are basically non contrasted hypothesis. And yeah! the Yautja memale fan-art images are spectacular! Take a look to my Pinterest!


Cultura Depredador Yautja

The yautja travel throughout the space to practice hunting of other species. Apparently this hunting has a code of honor and always the hunt prey may constitude a danger. They collect the prey skulls and spines. Individuals who are considered harmless are ignored, while the strongest individuals are granted a face-to-face duel. Those who defeat the predator in the duel are considered “Notables”, they are allowed to live and receive a trophy or identification mark.

They have ranged attack weapons but prefer to demonstrate their strength in close combat. That’s why they have melee weapons. They protect their technology against their rivals, that’s why they have to erease all the tracks. Their weapons usually have protection and tracking system. In the necessary case, they do not hesitate to self-destruct.

The yautja are organized into clans or hunting parties. Its members have different status:

  • The initiates or new blood, who have to prove their worth before equipping themselves with the plasma cannon.
  • Hunters, those who travel looking for prey that constitudes a challenge. 
  • Veterans, those honorable with many trophies. Respected for their experience they often form a clan leadership council.
  • The bad blood, Yautja who are repudiated for dishonoring the rules of hunting.
  • The warriors, in charge of solving conflicts and who have permission to hunt other traitors, bad blood or predawn.

They barely wear clothes but usually carry some decorations like decorative rings on their dreadlocks, skulls, bones, fangs and other small trophies, marks and ceremonial weapons.

In Alien vs. Predator use temples and hieroglyphics of Mayan aesthetics that are used as a training place on Earth. So it is possible that they use this type of architecture on other planets. They have a written system with symbols made with small stripes and reminiscent of the Japanese katakana alphabet.

Their origin planet is unknown and it is speculated that they could have different colonies through the galaxy. In Alien vs. Predator a Yautja city is shown on an arid planet with two suns that could be its main planet. In Predators move is shown a planet surrounded by other planets and moons that is used as a hunting ground by bad blood predators.


Tecnología Depredador

The Yautja technological level is much more advanced than the human level. They have spacecraft capable of forming a protective field and opening a gap in space (and who knows if in time) to “jump” through the galaxy. Their camouflage technology allows them to blend in with the environment and be practically invisible. It also allows them to be undetectable to radar. The metal used is an alien alloy much more resistant. In The Predator there is a noticeable improvement in the predator’s equipment (although this may be only because of the special effect improvements) and also is revealed that they are very advanced in genetic engineering and robotics.

Predators usually go hunting with a base equipment:

  • Mask-Viewer: The viewer is a computer that allows several utilities. It allows to filter the infrared and ultraviolet spectrum to improve the predator sight. It allows to see further. It allows aiming the plasma cannon with a laser sight in the shape of a triangle. It serves as a breathing support. It allows registering images and sounds. It also serves to communicate between yautja. It can also have a miniature blaster cannon. Can you imagine having a viewer like that of a predator? Many geeks have already thought about it before you. You can get it not only as a disguise, but also as an approved helmet for motorcycle and paintball.


  • Bracelet: The bracelet has a computer keyboard that allows several utilities. It is connected to the viewer so it allows to use several of its functions. It incorporates the camouflage system to blend in with the environment. It serves as a remote control for weapons and the spacecraft. It can bes used to program the self-destruction creating a big explosion. The bracelet is also a weapon itself. It has a retractable blade that varies in shape and size. The classic blade has two edges, but there can also be one. It can be launched and you can have a cable to retrieve it. The bracelet may also have a smaller blaster barrel incorporated. 
  • Medical kit: Consists of different surgical tools and a liquid that heals wounds. It also has tools to polish the prey skulls. 
  • Armor: Basically it is a mail for the body, shoulders where you can place your plasma cannon, bracelets and shin guards. 
  • Blaster Cannon: It is located on the shoulder and shoots balls of blue plasma of different intensities: it can shoot fast less power bursts and if it is loaded enough a great shot capable of piercing a body. Although it is connected to the viewer and the bracelet seems to have some autonomy to shoot itself against threats. A Yautja usually carries only one blaster cannon, although technically one blaster can be used on each shoulder.

Yautja love hunting and have tendency towards hand-to-hand combat. In addition of the base equipment a predator can carry several other weapons that vary according to his personal choice:

  • Lance: Retracts and expands. You can throw the tip. 
  • Shuriken: Spread some blades. 
  • Disk: Can be used in close combat or throw it.
  • Whip: Formed by sections that can be stretched and retracted.
  • Net: Can shooted to catch the prey from a distance.
  • Laser trap: used to activate blasters when the perimeter is crossed
  • Others: Predators have also been seen with swords and knives.


Perro Mastín depredador

Every good hunter needs his hunting dog. And the Yautja to hunt know a while. That’s why they can not miss good hunting dogs. But of course, they are not dogs of the Earth; It is an alien race that serves as predator hounds. As their masters, they are big, strong and ugly. Their sense of smell is far superior, they can track their prey tirelessly for long distances.

In the Predators movie a kind of reptilian-looking and horned hound is used by the bad blood clan. Unlike their masters these mastiffs had red blood, so it is very possible that they were trained from the same planet that the predators used as a hunting ground.

In the predator movie appear other type of hound that have more similiar features to the Yautja and their blood is also green, so we can deduce that they are from the same predators natal planet.


Dutch embadurnado de barro

The Predator is a dangerous creature but it is not infallible. As we have discovered the secrets of the yautja we have also learned their weaknesses. Here are some tricks to save your life if you have the misfortune to cross with a Predator:

  • Become the weak: The predator honor code does not allow to attack defenseless individuals. So even though it may be cowardly, be smart and try not to be considered as a threat.
  • Look up: Do not make the typical mistake of just looking ahead. The predator likes to jump through the heights so it is better to look up.
  • Stay in a group: The predator likes to hunt their prey one by one, so if he sees you in a group, maybe he’ll leave you until the end …
  • Cover yourself with fresh mud: You can camouflage your body heat by covering yourself with fresh mud. That will make you invisible to the predator infrared vision.
  • Water is your friend: The predator camouflage does not work well in water, so use it to reveal its presence. But be careful, do not get wet and take off the mud!.
  • Light fire: Another way to hide your heat is to disguise it with many other sources of heat. Lighting many torches and bonfires will confuse the predator.
  • Follow the fluorescent trail: The predator green blood is fluorescent and can be seen clearly. Follow his trail to locate him.
  • Be the hero: The best way to end the predator is that hi consider yourself worthy to challenge you in a duel to brag a while. If that moment arrives do not worry because an aura of luck will make you endure any beating and cause a mortal blow to the predator. Also, with luck you will become “Notable” and you will have earned the “immunity” for the rest of the Yautja.


The world of predator has been extended thanks to fans. We have many alternative stories and crossovers with other characters. These are other interesting facts about Predator:


Machiko humana depredador


Machiko Noguchi is a Japanese human who lived in a space colony that was attacked by Aliens and Yautja that killed the majority of inhabitants. Machiko earned the respect of a Yautja, not only earning the title of “notable” but also being able to join his clan. Machiko learned predator hunting techniques and has her own equipment. The Yautja know her Da’dtou-di (“little knife”) and she has earned their respect for her many feats, among which are killing at least two Alien Queens.

This character that appears in the Alien vs. Predator comic has many fans (including myself). The comic history hooks from the first moment but I will not reveal the details because they are worth reading. The action figure is one of the best collecting pieces that one can have about predator.



How do you hear it, in this version Terminator joins the “party” to see who is the most lethal “killing machine”. Another great Dark Horse comic.


The exterminators are finished, as Judge Dredd arrives to “impart justice” among these murderers. Another great Dark Horse comic.

and finally…


(Doctor Frikistien nods with his head) Exactly … as you read: Batman too. The dark knight leaves the Joker aside to face other night hunters. This is the argument that appears in Dead End: a great short made by fans with a high freakism rate.


As you cam see Predator theme is a great source of freakism with a broad world of which we only know the tip of the iceberg. I hope the Yautja world continues to expand and offer us much more entertainment time.

And what about you? do you like the predatory world? Do you know any extra secrets? If you liked it, do not hesitate to comment and share this page!


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