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How i made a freak




“How I made a freak is a 30-page manual that contains the basics to end boredom and become a real geek.

The book written by me explains the definition of freak and geek, where the terms come from and also a basic dictionary for geek terms.

I relate all the relevant events of the study of a freak/geek subject for more than thirty years, what are the characteristics of a geek and the different types of geeks there are.

The manual describes precisely how I managed to create a geek and what is the geek transformation method to turn a “normal” person into a geek.

In addition you will be able to know much more about me since I describe many experiences and personal impressions.

Reanimate the “boring fissue” and create your own geek now!

This book has been kept in secret for a long time but it is finally available to all subscribers of this blog.

So if you want to know all the details of “how I made a freak” you just have to subscribe now and you will receive a copy of the manual for free! in pdf version.

Doctor Frikistein 's Manual

Freakism is alive! and remember that it is the best antidote against boredom!


El frikismo está vivo por defecto