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In this post we talk about the Complete Combat Manual for 5e rpg, the first manual of the Narwyndeil Collection now available for free in the downloads area of our online store.

The Dungeons and Dragons role-playing game takes us to a fantasy world full of hostile creatures and monsters, in which on many occasions the player characters will have to confront them through combat.

The Dungeons and Dragons Player’s Handbook can sometimes be dense and overwhelming because of all the information it contains. The Complete Combat Manual for 5e rpg, is the first manual in the Narwyendeil Collection, and collects in a single manual all the combat rules for the Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition role-playing system:

– The combat sequence: how it starts and its organization in turns.

– The type of actions you can perform within the turn: From movement to reactions.

– Attacks and spellcasting: how dice rolls are calculated to resolve their success, managing damage and health of characters.

– As well as more situational rules: combat on horseback or underwater.

The Narwyndeil Community is a Hispanic community of role players focused on and experienced in Dungons and Dragons 5th Edition, and that actively gathers both new and veteran players on their Discord server to play role-playing, using both its own system of organization of games as their own game manuals.

For the Narwyndeil Community, learning the rules of combat is a basic pillar within the role-playing system of Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition. That is why the intention of this Complete Combat Manual for 5e rpg is to collect all the official combat rules and present them in an easy-to-learn and consult format.

This manual is completely free and you can obtain it in the Narwyndeil Collection download area of our online store.

You can learn more about the Narwyndeil Community in this blog post:


You can also watch the video about the Complete Combat Manual for 5e on our Youtube channel:

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