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We have new colors for our tabletop games ‘gaming’ mat!

When we considered the black gaming-style board game mat, we had in mind to release color variations in case this mat was successful. And so it has been!

So the time has come for those color variations to arrive. And the colors we have chosen are Blue and Pink. But hey, that’s to simplify too much for the title; actually the blue is a turquoise aquamarine tone, while the pink uses plum wine tones.

We have chosen these tones so that the colors are not too vibrant and in this way it is a beautiful background for your table but does not distract your attention from the game.

For now it will be a small production run to see its acceptance. And it is possible that we will put a pre-sale of these limited units with a discount only on our website. But if this were the case we would announce it on our networks and website so that our followers are well informed ^^

We hope you like it 🙂

David Santas

Author David Santas

David Santas is the founder and owner of Doctor Frikistein (R). Born in 1977 with residence in Barcelona. In general, a lover of all geek entertainment, he has been a role player since he was 16 years old and more recently a board game player and designer. It also creates games and educational content for children as Sigil of Dreams.

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