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Hello Frikisteins,

We will tell you, in this short newsletter, about the news that we are working on for DoctorFrikistien®

There are several projects that we are developing.

On the one hand, new content for our blog:

  • Review of the board game Journey to the Center of the Earth. Cristian Becerra is “exploring” all the mechanics of this game to bring us as always his personal opinion about it.
  • Guide on how to draw a Dungeon. David Santas is committed to teaching us the basic principles of how to make a map as we find in role-playing books.

And on the other hand also new products for our store:

  • Dry-erase markers, which we will incorporate into our store catalog to complement our DungeonGridGameMat and SummoningDungeonMasterScreen since many customers have asked us for it.
  • Summoning Army Box. This is a product that David Santas is also developing and it is a box for transporting role-playing miniatures and wargames. Right now they are doing factory tests and we will tell you more as the project progresses.

That’s all for now, take a look from time to time at our website and social networks to keep up to date with how these and future news are progressing!

Thanks and see you soon!

The Doctor Frikistein Team

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