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In this first newsletter we tell you about the next news we have planned for this 2022: Dungeon grid game mat Premium, 2d12 Development System, Dive Review and new RPG Bag


Hello Frikisteins, we wish you are all well.

2021 has been a very hard year, both for work and for the situation of the Covid19 pandemic, which has inevitably affected us both personally and at work. But it has also been a very outstanding year. We are happy with the success of our products and all the visits to our website. Also for the good reviews and ratings.

This 2022 also begins marked by the high incidence of the virus, sick leave, the increase in the cost of transport and raw materials. But we are going to make an effort to keep bringing new products and content for this year as well.

And here are the news that we have already been working on and that we plan to have available soon.


This mat will be an upgraded version of the current dungeon grid game mat -square- . We plan to have a cleaner illustration. The back will also have a layer of PVC vinyl to reinforce the mat and make it easier to keep flat. It will also come in a more resistant hard plastic tube with a strap to make the transport easier.


We want to continue to offer content on our blog, buying games so we can talk about them and give us our honest opinion. We have recently tested the board game Dive which we will soon publish our review.


We want to promote digital content on our website. We are currently testing our own system for role-playing games. We have called it 2d12 Development System. It is a compatible rule system that is divided into different sections so that you can apply those rules that suit you best to your usual TTRPG system. Or if you prefer, it is a totally new system, where its main feature is that it uses 2 dice of 12-face for checks and that the characters can invest points to evolve and improve the skills they are using.


This new add to our collection of gaming bags. On this occasion the bag will be specialized for the transport of role-playing games. You will have dedicated space for the books, screen, dice and also for miniatures.

That’s all for now, stay tuned for our raffles and more information about these upcoming news here on our website and also on our social networks. See you soon!

Team Doctor Frikistein


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