Narwyndeil Weapons and Armors Expansion


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One of the most important parts of Dungeons and Dragons is combat. Although in the Combat Manual we already saw how combat works in 5e, this new manual from the Narwyndeil Collection brings us the tools that the characters will use for combat: weapons and armors.

In this manual you will find again in a summarized way all the weapons and armor available in Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition that will allow you to consult in a simple and summarized way all the combat equipment.

But it’s more than that, because this manual adds rules specific to the Narwyndeil Community, and that is why they consider it an Expansion. In it you find rules for Mithral and Admantine armor, or exotic weapons like the Wrist Crossbow, as well as new rules and traits for these new weapons and armor.

The Narwyndeil Community is a Hispanic community of role players focused on and experienced in Dungons and Dragons 5th Edition, and that actively gathers both new and veteran players on their Discord server to play role-playing, using both its own system of organization of games as their own game manuals.

You can learn more about the Narwyndeil Community in this blog post:



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