Dry-erase board that allows you to draw and erase maps of dungeons and battles. Reversible: grid divided in squares or hexagons.

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This reusable board allows you to draw as many maps as you like, making it a perfect accessory for roleplaying and miniatures games.

  • A MUST-HAVE accessory for RPGs, war games, and other tabletop games. With this 60x60cm board you will be able to draw maps of Dungeons and Battlefields to recreate combat scenes for popular games such as Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder and Warhammer among others.
  • DOUBLE-SIDED REVERSIBLE with a surface divided into 24×24 squares of 25mm on one side of the board, and 27×24 hexagons of 25mm on the other side.
  • DRY ERASE and REUSABLE as many times as you want. The surface has a high-definition design that is made of high-quality Dry-Erase Vinyl that prevents the adherence of paint particles from marker pens, so the drawings are easily erasable.
  • RESISTANT and DURABLE against accidents such as liquid spills or other stains that you can easily clean. It is also easy to lay flat and without unnecessary wrinkles, so you can use it comfortably to protect your table and gaming area.
  • FOLDABLE and PORTABLE to carry comfortably wherever and whenever you want. The board occupies 30x20cm when folded, making it easily to store and transport.