Hello Frikisteins,

We are working on the news this year we will bring to DOCTOR FRIKISTEIN ®

For this year 2021 we plan to expand the catalog of our online store:

In our store of doctorfrikistein.com we sale products of our own design, but you are several that  have sent us messages asking for some items to complement the purchase. For example: dice to include in the dice bag and dice tray. On all occasions we have contacted the supplier to get you the best option and thus include it in the order.

As we have noticed that this has been frequent we have decided to expand the catalog of our store with products that, although not own, may be available to complement our products brand DOCTOR FRIKISTIEN ® and in this way simplify and improve your shopping experience on doctorfrikistein.com.

Previously we already included the rpg color dice pack and from now on the rpg antique dice pack is also available.

We will inform you of the next news that and as always we will be attentive to your comments.

see you soon!

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