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Tabletop Board Games

Tabletop Games and Board Games

The Tabletop Games (also called Board Games) are a “medicine” for boredom present throughout the mankind history. Archaeologists have found Board Games among the ruins of Ancient Egypt, Rome and Greece. They are a source of Freakism of thousands of years !. Obviously the Board Games have evolved throughout history and there are many variations of rules, forms and components.

They are called Tabletop because they are traditionally played on a table and do not require physical activity. As more of them use a board as main compoment of playing, they are also called Board Games. Although in smaller quantity, there are also games within this category that can be played anywhere and that may require mobility.

In addition to being a source of popular entertainment, it has been shown that “patients” treated with Board Games acquire other associated benefits: They develop mental, emotional and communication skills. Currently these benefits are taken with great interest not only by the scientific community but also by educators and pedagogues.

These are some of my most relevant studies about the Board Games. Click on the different sections to learn more.