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In this article you will find the Review of the board game 15 Days, where we will explain the mechanics of this game, we will show you photos of its components and we will give you our opinion about it.


The 24 solar terms or periods of the Chinese calendar are totally out of sync. This causes the appearance of strange natural phenomena and that the animals migrate to the wrong areas. Aligning the seasons is essential to ensure that the Sun finds its route again in space and to establish the correct order among living beings.


15 Days is a non-collectible card game in which you have to perform four number sequences with the station cards: two in ascending order and two in descending order.

15 Days is a game published thanks to the kickstarter sponsorship campaign done by Gonzalo Aguirre Bisi of ThunderGryph Games (Tang Garden, Spiritis of the Forest), together with 4 more minigames: Rebis, Golems, Space Lunch and Eiyo that make up the Matchbox Collection


The starting player, chosen at random, begins and proceeds clockwise. On your turn you must do two actions out of the four available, being able to repeat the same if you wish.

Take two station cards. You can draw two cards from any season deck: summer, fall, and winter. Spring cards do not have a deck; they are hidden within the other decks.

Take 1 station card face up. This action allows you to take a card from the market. You can also take the top season card from the discard pile.

Place station cards. This action allows you to remove season cards from your hand to start a sequence or continue one already started. The first player who manages to place 3 cards from the same season will get an animal token: otter (spring), frog (summer), squirrel (autumn) and rabbit (winter). Each animal grants unique bonuses to the player.

→ Take a joker. Discard two season cards identical to one that you already have played to take a joker card.


The game ends when a player completes all four season card sequences or one of the two draw decks is exhausted (most normal). Each player scores as follows:

2 points for each wooden animal that he owns.
-2 points if a sequence does not have at least one season card.
From each of your season card sequences: one point for each card you have consecutively, counting only the longest section.

The player with more points win the game.


  • Name:                              15 Days
  • Date of birth:                  2020
  • Place of birth:                 ThunderGryph Games
  • Son of:                             Francesco Testini (Designer), Cinyee Chiu (Artist)
  • Genre:                              Board Game
  • Age:                                 14+
  • Players:                            1-4
  • Time:                                20 min

15 Days and all other Matchbox Collection minigames in our Card Game Bag


FREAKISM (Originality, Theme):

15 Days is not innovative. Its mechanics are based on carrying out X number of actions on your turn and combining them however you want by choosing them from a list of possibilities. That is something that I like about any game of this style but it is already quite seen. Therefore, for me he is a filler like any other. I would enjoy playing it from time to time but that doesn’t surprise me at all.

Freakism rating:

HYPE (Excitement, Replayability):

I have played 15 days with 2 players. I personally liked the experience. Unfortunately I did not have the opportunity to test it with more players, so I cannot express my opinions on it. I think that with more participants it could work better because the game will have more interaction and annoyance between players, especially with the market cards. In any case, it is one of those games that will most likely go unnoticed within the playing community because it is one of the many with nothing to highlight except aesthetics. In other words, it is not one of those that people will spend talking 24 hours a day through social networks.

Hype rating:

SANITY (Difficulty, Rules):

The game is easy to learn and as a filler you can play first game with zero problems.

Sanity rating:

DELUXE (Components, Design):

The games in the Matchbox Collection stand out especially for the quality of the components and the aesthetics (in some more than in others). Of all, for me 15 Days is the most visually beautiful. Season cards represent cute animals, as well as having a distinctive golden border. The box is like all the ones in the Matchbox Collection: small, slidable and hard. And of course, that the animal figurines are made of wood is an added value.

Deluxe rating:

15 Days on our neoprene play mat


15 Days is presented in conjunction with four other games: Golems, Eiyo, Rebis, and Space Lunch. The five together make up what publisher calls the Matchbox Collection. Each of these games is created by different authors and artists. They have totally different game mechanics, but they have in common the physical presentation, the quality of the components (especially the boxes) and the beautiful aesthetics. Of the five I decided to review this 15 Days, although I was competing with Golems for that purpose. The two were, of the five, those who presented the mechanics that best suited my personal tastes. I ended up opting for 15 Days because of the rules it is more bearable and especially because it can be played with 2 to 4 players, while Golems is a title for two only.

I like 15 Days. However, it does not pass the exam to acquire it in my personal game library. Its mechanics and aesthetics fit me, but it does not really add anything new to something that I have already experienced in other titles. It is one of those games that if they give it to me, it will be welcome. If I wanted to buy it on my own, I would have to find it very cheap, taking into account that it is surely already quite cheap without being on sale. Can you tell me to play a game? I will play it without a doubt, although it will be with your copy of the game, not mine.

Our final BGG rating:

The Doctor Frikistein® reviews are made without any sponsorship and with games purchased for our property.

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