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Carol Danvers is a Marvel character that has become very popular thanks to her role as Captain Marvel, a movie recently released.

I have read a whole series of reviews of the movie and if Marvel intended to show a great female character through Captain Marvel movie, but she left Haters everywhere.

In fact it seems that this is the fate of the character.  She is not a new character but has a long life full of ups and downs within the Marvel Universe.

The truth is that Carol Danvers is one of the characters who suffers the most throughout her history, to the point of acquiring bad vices such as his fondness for drinking.


Ms Marvel and Captain Marvel

It all started when Carol Danvers arrived at the position of Cape Canaveral head of security while working for the Air Forces.

There was related with a soldier of the Kree alien race, who deserted just to protect the Earth from their own.

This “good” kree full of powers named Mar-Vell and he adopts the identity of Captain Marvel.

Accidentally during a fight, Carol ends up affected by a radiation that would modify its genetic structure making her human-kree hybrid and acquiring the alien powers.

It is here when a new super-heroine is born that will be called Ms Marvel


Ms Marvel and Avengers

After the death of Captain Marvel, Carol decides to join the Avengers.

She is wearing a black dress with a yellow lightning. She becomes provocative and difficult behavior that leads to some friction with some of their partners.

Not all friction was bad; Ms Marvel has several sporadic love relationships with other superheroes, one of which is Spiderman.



Carol ends up being expelled from the Avengers, raped by a villain, and loses her memory and powers after a fight with Rogue of the X-men.

Professor Xavier helps her to recover and she returns renamed as Binary, wearing a white suit.

But Carol does not feel herself and she does not find her place in any of the groups she goes through.

Captain Marvel

Carol Danvers ends up facing the Kree again. The Kree have resuscitated / cloned one of their best warriors: nothing more or nothing less than Captain Marvel.

If it was not enough traumatic to meet again with her first love, she has to see how Captain Marvel dies again, who sacrifices himself to save her.

Carol’s powers are reborn and finally she decides to take the costume and the name of Captain Marvel. And let all the villains and superheroes tremble !!



Carol Danvers is a person who is self-confident and likes to speak in an ironic way.

She is attractive and has a lot of character. However, behind that strong facade, she has a hidden face full of painful traumas that she tries to overcome.


Skills, Traits and / or Powers:

Carol Danvers is a human woman who accidentally becomes hybrid human-kree. She is from the United States of America.

She stands out for:

Increased physical abilities. Carol has strength, senses and superhuman resistance.

Flight. It is capable of flying at great speed.

Energy control. She is able to control the energies of the stars to channel lightning, control electromagnetism and even move at speed of light through space.

Famous quote: “There are peaceful people, but I am a woman of war”

Ms Marvel Kamala Khan

A curious fact is that a girl named Kamala Khan who has powers, makes a suit and adopts the name of Ms Marvel because she is a fan of this superhero. Kamala Khan thus becomes the new Ms Marvel.

And it is rumored that there could be a movie about Ms Marvel in the coming years. I hope so.


Advance of the Captain Marvel movie and my personal opinion

Finally I think that the strategy of showing an advance of Captain Marvel in Avengers Infinity Wars not worked as well as it did with Black Panther in Civil War. And I think the difference is that in Civil War we saw Black Panther in action.

In Civil War we knew little about Black Panther but they showed us enough to like us. However, they did not show us anything about Captain Marvel except that Nick Fury calls her as if it were the emergency solution.

And with Thanos as the enemy using the infinity gauntlet, half of the universe dead, and the avengers totally defeated … the minimum you can expect is not a super-hero, but an invincible mega-hero … a very high bar hard to believe, or without incentive.

I think Carol Danvers is a character that has always been secondary in the Marvel Universe. Maybe that’s why she suffered all sort of things and suffered several transformations.

But since I met Ms Marvel in the Avengers comics, I became an instant fan of this super-heroine, and what I liked most about her was not her powers, but underneath her mask she was the most vulnerable. and human of all: with its virtues and its defects.

That’s precisely why I think that trying to show a super-woman in the movie of Captain Marvel as a feminist icon seems to me a serious mistake. I think this character has more of Jessica Jones than Superman; when trying to transform her Marvel has returned to mistreat the character of Carol Danvers.

With all that hard way she walked to get here, the character of Carol Danvers deserved to be respected in all its complexity.

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