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The D20BAG is now available for sale on Doctor Frikistein . What better way to carry your dice than in a dice-shaped bag? ?

Last June we announced this project in development and it seems that it was yesterday. But the truth is that we have had to solve difficulties that we did not expect in this world of manufacturing accessories for games in which we want Doctor Frikistein to find a place.

First of all, handmade manufacturing and industrial manufacturing are very different. The format had to be slightly adapted to the size of the printing plates to stamp the different numbers that appear printed on a die.

The type of material has also influenced, since the prototype was designed in resistant cardboard but the final product is in quality leatherette. This has greatly influenced the design of how the different sections are folded and attached to give the bag the 20-die shape.

Finally and to our surprise, role-playing games are included in the category of toys and we had to review the European regulations to be able to sell this product in that category.

We believe that the work and learning of the entire process has been worth it and we are very satisfied with the final result.

So don’t let it escape and get it now at launch price!


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