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In this article you will find our opinion on which are the essential board games. That is, those games that you need to have played at least once.

Selection of board games transported in our Board Game Bag


This post is not a “top” game, nor are we referring to the “best” board games. But you WILL find a selection of games that are essential to know, or that I at least recommend having played once.

Why? Because they are super-popular games, easy to learn, which have the virtue of “seeing  table” in front of an audience that is not excessively “gamer”, whether with family or friends.

With this selection you will know several different game mechanics, which you will later see that in many other games will be repeated, at least, in a very similar way, so it will make it easier for you to understand the game and learn the rules.

And without further ado we begin!


Monopoly Gamer: Mario Kart, Hasbro, 2018 — box and components (image provided by the publisher)

In this classic board game, players have to move around a board acquiring properties, improving them, and giving money to their rivals when they occupy spaces they own.

It is a game with a simple economy mechanic, where players depend on both their money management and chance to avoid being eliminated.

Monopoly is today one of the best-selling games. And that is why one of the best known commercial board games. But there are also more modern versions of this game. For example, Monopoly Gamer Mario Kart, which is very well themed with elements from the Mario Kart video game, which is why it attracts kids to play, and it also has very fun new mechanics without losing the essence of the classic game.

Monopoly Gamer Mario Kart stored horizonal in our Board Game Package, designed to accommodate larger games.


The material

In Dixit, players have to choose an abstract art card and describe it inaccurately for the other players to guess. With this simple mechanic of clues, this board game surprises because it is very imaginative, far from a traditional board game, but also because it allows you to get to know the rest of the players better by understanding their way of interpreting the cards.


Game content

This board game brings together in a single box different iconic mechanics from other “party” games for medium and large groups. Players play as a team and must pass different tests: questions like in Trivial, guessing pictures like Pictionary, mime and fun physical activity holding some cubes.

In addition, the Family version has tests and questions adjusted for underage players, in such a way that even childrens have a great time.

Dixit and Party&Co transported in our Game Travel Bag for a “Party” session with family and friends.


Carcassonne Board Game $18.55 (Reg. $35) - Wheel N Deal Mama


Carcassonne is the quintessential tile placement game. It also includes the wooden “meeple” pawn that is the icon of modern board games.

Set in the French city of Carcassonne, in this board game players will have to join tiles and claim fields, roads, castles, towns and churches by placing their meeples.

By the way, do you want to know where I bought my Carcassonne?

[spoiler intro=”Answer”]

Correct, at Carcassonne LoL



Carcassonne on our Gaming 140x80cm Neoprene Play Mat, drawed with the most famous board game icons (including, of course, the meeples and the tiles of Carcassonne itself)


See related image detail

Known how Spot It! in its original version, it is as its genuine name suggests: this is a visual speed mechanic board game. Players have to spot the repeating patterns of cards as quickly as possible to win the hand.

There are many thematic versions of this game, with different artwork. Here it is the Mandalorian version because my children are huge fans of the series and of Grogu…okay, that’s true, I am too 😀

Mandalorian Dobble on our neoprene play mat 61x35cm Lovecraft version


Magic The Gathering Card Game 25 Rares Pack - Boost Your Decks with 25 ...

In Magic The Gathering 2 players must face off in a duel of cards that represent fantastic creatures and magic. It is also a collectible card game: there is a very extensive catalog of cards to build your game deck or simply to collect.

Without a doubt, Magic is the precursor to dueling collectible card games that many of us have grown up with; and if you play other similar games (Pokemon, Key Forge…) you will realize that, although the theme is different, the game mechanics are very similar.

For those of us who love role-playing games, Magic is our game, because of all the fantastic setting and those great illustrations that remind us of Dungeons and Dragons.

A collection of Magic stored in our Card Game Bag


Rhino Hero társasjáték - Magyarország társasjáték keresője! A ...

I could say that Rhino Hero is the modern version of building a “house of cards”, but in any case this is a bad thing. This game is basically about that: the players must place their cards forming a large vertical structure in the shape of a building without it collapsing.

“Skill” and patience are essential for success in Rhino Hero (or as educational experts would say: “fine motor skills”). It’s actually one of the most fun and visually appealing stacking games around.

“Building” made of Rhino Hero cards on our Gaming 61x35cm Neoprene Play Mat


UNO Card Game - Entertainment Earth

Last in this entry, but not worse than None (uno=one in spanish XD. Sorry for the bad joke), is the famous Uno card game. It is the quintessential filler* game: simple, fast, where many players can play ( up to 10) and with a “take that” mechanic that makes the game fun. To win in Uno you will have to manage the cards in your hand to be the first to run out of cards. But be careful, because you must say “uno” when you only have only one card left or you will be penalized!

*Note: a “filler” is a short duration game. Its name derives from the word “fill” because you can play it in a relaxed way while you wait for a more main game or simply fill your time until they bring the pizzas XD.

As usual in commercial board games, you will find many different themed versions of Uno.

The Jurrassic World of Uno game on our Lovecraft 140x80cm Neoprene Play Mat


We are lucky that the world of board games is very extensive. The authors try to innovate with new rules and game systems, but the intention of this entry is only to show you the most used mechanics so that they will serve as a basis to better understand the different styles of board games.

There are more and more board game titles. But even the most “commercial” games keep up with current themes and remain attractive to the public, thus maintaining their top-seller position in an ever-widening market.

It is true that if you are a very “gamer” person, you may think that these selected games are very “basic”. And you’re right, but this selection hasve just this purpose. My opinion is that if you bring out a Tapestry or an Eclipse with people who aren’t introduced to the hobby, they won’t enjoy it. We do not have to forget that board games must be fun; the potential of these games is that they are “popular” or attractive enough to serve this purpose with diverse people: friends, family, and of different ages. The “niche” games can be very good, but precisely the feat of these popular games is to attract new players and spread the hobby, which is why, even today, they continue to be the “lung” of board games.

The Doctor Frikistein® reviews are made without any sponsorship and with games purchased for our property.

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