Specialized bag to carry games. 2 compartments, padding, handle, strap, trolley sleeve, and outside pocket. Let your games travel with you.

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Game Travel Bag is a specialized handbag to carry games. Let your favorite games travel with you everywhere, comfortably and safely.

  • PROTECT your games during transport safely.
  • INNER PADDING of 10mm and reinforced nylon seams.
  • HANDLE, STRAP and TROLLEY SLEEVE for practical and easy transport.
  • 2 SEPARATED COMPARTMENTS of 35x33x8cm each (13.78’’x13’’x3.15 ’’). Capacity for 1 large board game or several smaller games in each compartment. Carry your games safely stored and organized during transport. Also compatible with role-playing games, consoles and other game accessories.
  • OUTDSIDE POCKET of 32x30x3cm (12.6’’x11.81’’x1.18 ’’) to store more games and accessories, or as an easily accessible bag.
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