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Specialized box to organize and transport miniatures. Store of up to 64 standard-size game miniatures and easy to adapt to other sizes.

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The Summoning Army Box is a specialized box to protect and transport game or collectible miniatures. Contains 2 foam trays with up to 64 inserts for standard role-playing and wargame miniatures. It is also easy to cut to customize the insert size to fit larger miniatures, making it compatible with most game miniatures.

The box is made of cardboard, but it is sturdy and has a handle to carry it like a suitcase. In addition, its size of 30x30x7cm is the standard for large board games, which makes it compatible with game organization shelves and with our game bags:

Fit 2 Summoning Army Box in a Game Travel Bag

Fit 7 Summoning Army Box in the Board Game Bag or Board Game Package


  • PROTECT AND ORGANIZE your miniatures to transport them easily and safely using this 30x30x7cm sturdy cardboard box.
  • 2 FOAM TRAYS with 32 inserts each (64 in total) to protect the miniatures from bumps or rubbing during storage or transport.
  • EASILY ADAPTABLE to all sizes of miniatures, as the foam is easy to cut to customize the size of the insert.
  • PLASTIC HANDLE for easy transport as suitcase. Its size is compatible with game bags.
  • COMPATIBLE with miniatures from role-playing games, wargames or collectibles, such as Dungeons and Dragons, Warhammer, BloodBowl, Necromunda, etc.