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In this article we show the Fate Watcher, a new monster to use in role-playing games. It is designed to be compatible with dungeons and dragons and 5th edition systems. We also leave you the link to download for free the monster sheet in pdf format.


When you play the same role-playing game for a long time, monsters begin to become habitual and lose all their elements of surprise. It would be rare that a player don’t use fire to prevent the regeneration of a troll, or use magic in front of a beholder. That’s why I like to include unknown monsters of my own creation when I am the Dungeon Master . Some creations remain in mere anecdote while others win an important role in history. This is the case of my Fate Watcher.


I really like the dark setting in my games, that’s why the Fate Watcher has a very Lovecraft touch, although I am also influenced by Fullmetal Alchemist or Hellsing. Although it is inevitable that my usual dungeons and dragons players associate it with the Beholder, the resemblance is only casual and they are very different monsters.

When I graphically designed the look of the Fate Watcher to stamp it on my Dice-Tray, a Facebook user suggested that the eyes could transform into jaws. Although it actually communicates telepathically and doesn’t really need a mouth, I liked the idea a lot because matches the changing Monster concept. I also thought it would give it an even more sinister touch, so I added that feature to Fate Watcher when is uses its power to Drain Luck.


The Fate Watcher is an amorphous mass full of changing eyes and tentacles, coming from the Nightmare Realm, waits patiently and expectantly from the darkness until it finds a victim to parasitize. They are attracted to superstitious creatures who believe in fate and fortune, shaping its eyes on jaus to feed on their luck.

Karmik parasites.

The fate of every being is marked from birth to death by powers that escape the understanding of mortals. Having very good or bad luck produces a sharp turn in the fate-line, releasing a lot of psychic energy that also is called karmic energy. The Fate Watchers are able to detect these points of karmic energy and feed on them.
A Fate Watcher patiently watches its possible victim from the security of the darkness or the Ethereal Plane. When the victim is parasited the demon alters and degenerates its fate-line, giving the opportunity to get more luck in exchange for a fatal fate.

Fatal fate.

When the fate-line has degenerated beyond the sustainable, it breaks causing an unexpected end. This usually gives the impression of a stroke of bad luck from which no one can escape. Having a good day at the playhouse but ending by a heart attack could be a signal that a Fate Watcher is close.
When a victim dies while parasitized, a new demon will born from his corpse at night.

Dream corruption.

The Fate Watchers take advantage of the possible superstitions of their victims, conditioning them to rely on their fate to take actions of greater risk. At night they like to manipulate the dreams of their victims, showing successful futures that they could achieve thanks to their good luck, or causing nightmares of everything they could stop winning if they do not take risky actions.



The Fate Watcher sheet can be downloaded for free in the download / dowloads section on Doctor Frikistein shop. It is A4 size and PDF format.


The states marked with * are for optional rules that I use in my games for mental conditions. I am compiling them and I will tray to explain how they work in a rule book that I will call Horrornomicon.

I hope you find this monster useful and if you have any ideas or suggestions do not hesitate to tell me.

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