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I have had the pleasure of visiting the Dau fair in Barcelona and being able to test Paradox University. A board game where you will have to travel in time to discover temporal paradoxes. I tell you in detail:


We are in a reality where to travel to the past are possible. But what happens when your future self meets your past self? A Temporal Paradox!.

The Paradox University is the institution responsible for monitoring that temporal paradoxes do not occur and thus avoid changes in the events of time. Professor O’Clock is the scientist in charge of the University but wants to retire.

You have to find a substitute to be in charge of the institution. In Paradox University the players embody these candidates and the winner will be the one who discovers more temporal paradoxes.


Fact Sheet:

Editor: APA board games

Author: Alberto Millán.

Art: Ramsés Bosque.

Time: 15-30 min.

Age: 8+

Players: 1-4 (the game includes rules for solo mode)

Type: Filler, Card Game, Memory



Paradox Univesrity comes presented in a small white cube-shaped box, something unusual that caught my attention. The box also has instructions guide and points counter on its sides.

The game includes square-sized cards that represent various well-known historical figures, like Cleopatra and Napoleon. In addition Professor O’Clock and his enemy Madame Eternity (who was his former student) are characters created specifically for the game.

Also 6 pawns of colors that will serve to count the points of the players.

The illustrations have a cartoon look that connect with all audiences.



The game has a main mechanic based on memory. Players have to remember the cards without seeing them. However, very funny “sleight of hand” type options are added such as being able to transfer cards to the opponent, being able to draw more cards, or being able to see a card to remember it again. The difficulty lies in tracking all these card movements, confusing your opponent and knowing where the cards are duplicated.

The idea is that your opponent has a pair of identical cards in his game area and you discover it. If you have guessed right then you have just discovered a temporarl paradox and gain a point. The player who reaches a number of points first wins the game: He has proven to be a worthy successor to Professor O’Clock!

In the solo mode, you play Madame Eternity, former student of the Professor and now her archenemy, since her mission is to create as many temporal paradoxes as possible. In this version you must gather all the temporal paradoxes in order to discredit the University.

A very fun fast Filler that tests your memory capacity and leaves you wanting to play again. The solo mode is an excellent challenge that would make you lose your sanity.



Paradox University is currently on Kickstarter. At an affordable price and with a delivery date in 4 months (very good compared to the average kickstarter times). If we also add the great replayability of the game, what are you already waiting to support it?! If you lose this opportunity you may not be able to return to the past to rectify …. or perhaps yes?



The author was inspired to create this game in 12 Monkeys and Back to the Future (one of my 100% recommended geek movies). It also reminds me the classic The Time Machine.

There are as many male and female characters. And it is not a coincidence, the Editorial and the Author sought that balance.

At first the game was designed to 2-5 players, but it was cut to 4 players because it worked better. In compensation the author developed the 1 player mode with great success. You can have 2 games in 1. What paradox, isn’t it?

Paradox University is a solidary game. In the crowdfunding campaign an special Add-On is included to contribute donating to Ayudar Jugando, an Spanish charitable association.

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