Specialized tray to roll dice. Extra-large dice tray 11.5 inches / 29cm. Made of polyskin leather and velvet. Compatible with all kinds of role-playing games, board games, and dice games.

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This tray made of quality materials is a perfect area to roll your dice. But it also has an enlarged size to be able to enjoy a larger launch area.

  • ENHANCE YOUR GAME EXPERIENCE with this specialized surface to roll dice and prevent them from falling off the table or causing unnecessary accidents.
  • EXTRA LARGE SIZE 11.5 inches – 29 cm and padded walls to comfortably roll the dice over a wide area.
  • HIGH QUALITY POLYSKIN leather wrapping that allows easy washing and transport, as it is highly resistant as well as light.
  • PREMIUM VELVET LINER to stang your dice rolls. The surface cushions the impact of your dice, reducing the noise and protecting both your table and your dices.
  • COMPATIBLE with all kinds of dice games: Role-playing, Board Games or Wargames. AS D&D, Warhammer, Story Cubes and even Poker.

*Available in 3 colors:: Red, Green and Black.



Black, Green, Red

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