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Set of 4 25mm dice to create dungeons with a single roll. Compatible with D&D, Pathfinder and fantasy Role-playing games.

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Do you have go in a dungeon but there is nothing prepared? Does the adventure take an unexpected twist and the players decide to take other path? Or do you just don’t have the time or desire to prepare a dungeon? Relax, here you have the solution: a dice set to create role-playing dungeons:

  • INCLUDES 4 25mm DICE: 1d6 Encounter dice. 1D6 of Doors. 1xd10 Trap die and 1xd12 Rooms.
  • CREATE DUNGEONS QUICKLY by configuring their sections with a single roll.
  • OVER 4000 COMBINATIONS of possible random results for dungeon rooms and corridors.
  • USEFUL TO HELP THE DM to improvise adventures and scenarios.
  • COMPATIBLE with D&D, Pathfinder, and other fantasy RPGs.