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In this article we present our new system for tabletop role-playing games: 2d12 Development System. We tell you what it consists of and what features this system will have.


2d12 Development System is a system for tabletop role-playing games. It is our own system but we will publish it under an open license.

Did you know…? We created the definitive logo of 2d12 Development System thanks to the opinions and comments on our social networks, especially on twitter. We take this opportunity to thank everyone for their opinions, and especially the users @EEReticulado and @JandroRevert, whose contributions were very useful to us.


2d12 Development System will have the following main features:

2d12 ROLLS

What defines a role-playing system is not the dice type that is used, but the interpretation that the system makes of the result obtained by this dice.

In 2d12 Development System, 2 x 12-sided dice will be used to resolve actions. Depending on the result, you can get success, criticals, combos, narrative impacts, stress pushes, and even epic moments. As well as their negative counterparts. And all with a single roll!


The actions of the characters, both players and non-players, will be resolved in order of initiative. But this order will not be static, rather each turn the initiative can vary depending on factors such as the type of weapon used during combat, abilities, character states, etc.

With the initiative “released” in this way, we believe that the actions will have a more realistic impact and that the characters somehow have a certain power of influence over their order to be able to “climb” in the turn if they are strategically interested.


The characters will have development points that can invested at any time in the game to create abilities that they want. The abilities will be agreed between the Game Master and the players, being able to give him a narrative justification. There will be some general guidelines for the creation of abilites and stay balanced.

Then it will not be necessary to invest too much time in the creation of a character, but the character will be developed “on the fly” during the story, both practically and narratively. But it involves much more, because this flexibility will allow a player to always have the opportunity to create skills that are useful or “custom” their character during the game session. And in the same way, the Game Master will always be able to suggest options to the players if he believes they are necessary to advance in the game.


The abilities created will be grouped according to their type in different Mastery categories. As more skills are gained in each category, proficiency in this mastery will improve. In such a way that the characters evolve depending on the type of abilities they use.

Masteries will grant different bonuses, so a character who specializes in one category will be very proficient in that field. On the contrary, if a character develops abilities in different masteries, he will be more flexible but less expert in each of them.


A character is not just a bag of muscle and bones, but has an intellect, conscience and values. That is why in 2d12 Development System both the physical and mental health of the character will be taken into account.

Depending on whether the level of physical and mental health drops too low, the character can be limited by different states.


Just as abilities and masteries are gained developing the character, characters will also acquire physical and mental traits depending on the circumstances they face. These traits translate into different States that also grant bonuses or penalties to characters.

Through the States the characters can not only suffer physical injuries or mental afflictions that condition them negatively, but also benefits from skills, epic moments, technology and magic. The States will also contribute to the definition and development of the character.


2d12 Development System is an integral system, but it can not only be extensible, but also the different sections that compose 2d12 DS can work independently to be compatible and applicable to any other system.

Do you want to create your own mastery or ability rules because they will fit your game better? 2d12 DS will come with guidelines to teach you how to create them. Do you like some of the 2d12 DS rules and want to apply them to extend your usual game system? no problem you can do it. Do you want to use the 2d12 DS system in its entirety with your preferred world or module? This will make us happy; we will teach you how to adapt another role-playing system to 2d12 DS.


And up to here (which is not a small thing) the presentation of 2d12 Development System. There’s still a lot to explain about how each of the sections that make up this system work, but we wanted to preview all the main features of 2d12 DS.

Later we will publish more extended information on each section, with specific rules and explanatory examples. When everything is complete, we will create a specific section on our website, as well as a free download of the 2d12 Development System rules.

What is our intention? Our focus is to create adventures/modules (starting with 1-shots) for different settings, using the 2d12 Development System. These modules will be downloadable and there will be a free option, and an expanded paid option that will include tips and digital material to print or use on online role-playing platforms.

If you’ve made it this far, thank you so much for your interest! Do not hesitate to follow us and let us know your impressions. May the role be with you!

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  • Van Beneden says:


    I was just looking for a 2D12 based system that offers a more open curve than 210 or 2D6 and is supported by simple mechanics. Is your version a player-roll-only system?


    • Doctor Frikistein says:

      Hello. We are glad with the interest generated. Thank you for taking the time to visit the web to comment.
      In a few weeks we will give more details on how actions and the 2d12 rolls are resolved. We can anticipate that The Master must also roll for the actions for NPCs, enemies and threats. Sometimes there may also be opposed rolls too.

  • Valdus says:

    Great ideas for a die that I adore, and needs more attention. I was wondering if you have a rule book in the works. I am bilingual in Spanish and English and can definitely help with the proof-reading.
    Lo mejor,
    Grandes ideas para un dado que adoro y necesita más atención. Me pregunto si tienes un libro de reglas en proceso. Soy bilingüe en español e inglés y definitivamente puedo ayudar revisar el trabajo.

    • Doctor Frikistein says:

      Greetings Valdus,
      We highly appreciate your interest.
      We are finishing testing with several groups all the mechanics of this system. But we are going to release some free downloadable rules content soon.
      As soon as it is available we will let you know so you can keep an eye on it. We will receive any appreciation you can make very grateful.

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