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Hi Frikisteins,

I did a new collaboration with my friend Cristian Becerra from El Dado Dorado (the Golden Dice) Association of Viladecans, this time to talk about the game: Dungeon Roll

You can watch the whole presentation and an example game to know how to play, from this and other games, on my  YouTube channel.

Here are my own Analysis and Results:



Dungeon Roll has a very RPG approach, with characters that gain experience points and advance with a group of adventurers from inside the dungeon. This already likes me a lot because as you know I am an old role player. But the game has many elements that have reminded me of the video game of Diablo, descending in the dungeon and using portals.


It is a fast filler that you will surely want to play several times. There are several characters and each one has unique abilities that allows you to have different games. That said, the balance between characters is very questionable: there are characters that have much more effective powers than others.

Another point I wanted to emphasize is that in my opinion 2 is the optimal number of players. A 3rd or 4th player has no effect on the game and they only stay looking.



The main mechanics of dice management is easy to understand: you have to choose which dice you are spending. But the game includes several confusing rules that are unclear in the rulebook until you master them.



The packaging in the form of a chest is an original presentation and I thought it was a great idea. The dice and other components have great quality too. The “but” is the Dungeon map … well, it really looks more decorative than functional.

For me this game has a special value. My brother gave it to my son when he was admitted to the hospital and I had to sleep with him. We were playing several games and we enjoyed a lot. Thanks to its practical size and agility of play it is always on the shelf in the front row. He also accompanies us on many trips. Today we still play frequently.

Dungeon Roll also has Hero Boost expansions and an alternative version without dice called Dungeon of Fortune.

Well friends, these have been my impressions about Dungeon Roll.

You can also read the conclusions of Cristian on his blog.

Thanks for reading and see you in my lab in the next review.


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